Youth Ministry Mission Statement:

“Together in Christ, we help youth grow in faith, develop genuine relationships, and serve others with compassion and joy.”

Key Values:

  1. Faith Growth: The youth ministry values and prioritizes the spiritual growth of young people. This includes fostering a deepening relationship with Christ, understanding of Christian teachings, and personal faith development.
  2. Authentic Relationships: Building genuine and meaningful relationships within the youth group and broader church community is essential. The ministry values creating a supportive and welcoming environment where youth can connect with each other and with adult mentors.
  3. Service and Compassion: Encouraging a lifestyle of service and compassion is central to the youth ministry's mission. They aim to inspire young people to actively engage in acts of kindness, service projects, and outreach efforts that demonstrate Christ-like love to others.
  4. Joyful Engagement: Emphasizing joy in Christian life and service, the ministry seeks to cultivate a positive and enthusiastic spirit among youth. They value experiencing the joy that comes from serving God and others.
Zion Youth & Family Ministry
New Programing Plan

High School 

  • Bible Study- Sundays @ 11:30 (Sept-May)
  • HS Youth Group- 2x/month- Wednesdays @ 6:30
  • Month Event w/ MS (Service, Fellowship, etc.)
  • Mission Trip- Summer (US or farther)

Middle School 

  • Bible Study - Sundays @ 9:15 (Sept-May)
  • Confirmation- Wednesdays @ 6:00- 7:30
  • Month Event w/ HS (Service, Fellowship, etc.)
  • Mission Trip- Summer (local)

Elementary School (3k-5th grade)

  • Sunday School- Sunday @ 9:15
  • VBS- August 4 days
  • Service Activities- 1x/month during Sunday School
  • Family Event- Bi-monthly- Fellowship, Faith building for family during Sunday School


Adult Singles Ministry (Fall 2024)

  • Twice a month- Bible Study
  • Monthly and Bi-monthly Service and Fellowship events

Toddlers (infant-3) (Late Fall 2024)

  • Story Time w/ parents- 1hr 1x/week
  • Song, Story and play

Family Classes (Late Fall 2024)

  • 1x/month
  • Various topics related to Faith for the whole family
  • In connection with Health Ministry

After School Program (Second Semester Jan 2025)

  • Wednesdays (early release) 2pm-5pm
  • 5k-5th
  • Snack, bible lesson, crafts, play 

Parenting Classes (Spring 2025)

  • 1x/month
  • Various topics related to parenting teens and kids in Faith 
  • In connection with Health Ministry