Zion Endowment Fund 

MISSION/PURPOSE :The purpose of the Zion Endowment Fund is to serve as a means for donors who wish, through their charitable gifts, to advance the mission of the Church by providing permanent funding for special missions, scholarships and outreach ministries of the Congregation and the wider Church.

THE ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE: The Fund is managed by an Endowment Committee, elected by the Congregation, which has authority to accept charitable gifts to the Fund, invest funds, and to consider and distribute funds consistent with the following established guidelines.

DISTRIBUTIONS: Distribution of funds will be made annually to accomplish the following purposes:

  •  Scholarships to attend college. Preference will be given to; members of Zion Lutheran Church in good standing, students attending an ELCA college, students preparing for a church occupation, students with greater financial need, and students in more advanced stages of education.
  • Mission development (home or foreign); financial support to individuals or organizations involved with the extension of the Church in foreign countries or within the United States, such as new mission congregations, or support to missionaries to countries outside the United States.
TYPICAL DISTRIBUTION AMOUNTS: Total annual distribution amounts available are based on annual investment earnings and recently have varied between $3,000 and $15,000. Individual scholarships and grants awarded have ranged from $500 to $1,500 each.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Committee decisions are based on written applications received by an announced deadline, normally in the first week of August each year. (watch for published announcement of deadline.) Scholarship application form is available from the church office or web site. Mission Grant applications can be submitted in letter form describing the purpose of the grant and budget details.

Application not available at this time. 

Late or incomplete applications
will not be accepted.